Photo Courtesy of Ron Tencati

Hold your head up high, put a smile on your face and "Sparkle"!

Meredith Sparkles was awarded the 2019 “Pimetto Cheese” award at the Discordia Dames Burlesque Festival in Greensboro, NC which is awarded to a North Carolina based performer that spreads the positive spirit of North Carolina Burlesque to the wider Burlesque world. This was a community award and not a competition crown.

Meredith Sparkles was recognized at the Great Southern Exposure 2014 International Burlesque Competition for her Tacky Tourist Beach act which won it's category for "Funniest Great Southern Exposure 2014".

Meredith Sparkles entered the Great Southern Exposure 2011 International Burlesque Competition and was awarded the Title of Princess of Great Southern Exposure 2011 for her "Roxanne" signature act.