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"The Shining Star"

Born from a shooting star and taking her mantra straight from the life of little Shirley Temple who was told to "Sparkle, Baby, Just Sparkle!". Meredith started sparkling at the tender age of seven years old when she won her very first Little Miss Princess Pageant. She has been delighting audiences through her work on local stages ever since. Growing up she learned the definition of the words "curves" and "tease" and she joined up in Charlotte, NC with her former Troupe Big Mamma D's House of Burlesque in 2008 to more fully explore those terms. She has been an independant and traveling performer for several years although she most often appears in her hometown of Charlotte, NC.

Since starting her career she has traveled all over the country bringing her art to far flung places. She has won several awards, including the 2019 “Pimento Cheese” award at the Discordia Dames Burlesque Festival which is awarded to a North Carolina based performer that spreads the positive spirit of North Carolina Burlesque to the wider Burlesque world. She absolutely adores traveling and performing for a wide variety of audiences. She is one of the newest Flock members with the Flamingo Revue Burlesque Troupe out of Charlotte, NC and she is also a co-producer in the brand new Charlotte, NC based Burlesque Production Group - Tool Chest Productions. During the pandemic she spent a majority of her time launching a YouTube channel that she keeps updated regularly with new virtual burlesque content. She takes her mantra straight from the life of little Shirley Temple who was told to "Sparkle, Baby, Just Sparkle!” Recently hailed as one of the most creative burlesque artists in the southeast she seeks out the interesting and unusual characters and brings them to life on the Burlesque stage. Like the stars in the night.... Meredith Sparkles!

Performance Reviews

"Your performance was fierce-adorkableness!" - Boudoir Burlesque Presents Producer Blanche Boudoir

Available Acts

*Video Available Upon Request

  • Holiday Themed

  • *Christmas “Christmas Blues” – Neo
  • *Christmas “Ugly Sweater” - Neo
  • *Valentines “Boom” – Neo
  • GI Blues – July 4th/USO/Patriotic Themed
  • *Hot Time in Berlin – July 4th/USO/Patriotic Themed
  • *Halloween “Vampire” Cry Little Sister– Neo
  • *Halloween “Werewolf” Bad Blood - Neo
  • *Halloween “Santico Pandemonium (Vampire) - Live Wire - Fan Dance

  • Nerdlesque

  • *“Little Black Dress” – Shock Treatment Themed
  • “Emma Frost” – X-Men
  • *“Cat People” – Inglorious Basterds Act
  • *“Rogue” – X-men
  • *“Zatanna” – DC Comics
  • *“Mary Poppins” – Disney
  • *“Cruella DeVille” – Disney (Fan Dance)
  • *“Poison Ivy” – Batman Universe
  • *”Corpse Bride” – Remains of The Day
  • *Sweet Transvestite – RHPS Themed
  • *Dark Side – Star Wars “Jedi” - Memelesque
  • *Shoes - Memelesque - (Large Prop)
  • *Princess of Cats - Baz Lurhman’s Romeo & Juliet Act
  • *Megara - Disney’s Hercules - Only Love Can Save Me Now (Pretty Reckless)

  • Classic

  • *“Black Coffee” – Gold/Cream Costume
  • *“Shangri La” – Blue/Silver Costume
  • *“Roxanne” – He/She Act (Award Winning)
  • *”L.O.V.E.” – Red/White Costume
  • *Hello (Adele) - (Fan Dance)
  • *Sweet Dreams (Heart)
  • *That’s Life (Sinatra) - Gold “Vegas” themed

  • 80’s

  • *“Smoking in the Boys Room” – Schoolgirl
  • *“Stray Cat Strut” – Cat Themed
  • *Nude Beach - (Category Award Winner - Funniest)
  • *Venus - Goddess Themed

  • Country / Rock

  • *Something Bad - Chaps / Chair Dance
  • *Look At Little Sister - Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • *Turn The Page - Metallica
  • Pink - Aerosmith

  • Metal

  • *Heart of Steel - ManOWar - Viking Theme
  • *Fallen Angel - - NIN - Terrible Lie
  • *Every Day is Exactly The Same - NIN
  • *Live Wire - Motley Crue

  • Inspirational

  • *”Gold” - Prince Gold
  • *Justice - Political

  • 1920’s

  • *Ocean of Tears - Big Maybelle
  • *Night & Day

  • Random

  • *Gangster - Female of the Species
  • *Absinth - Green Fairy
  • *Seasons of Love - RENT Soundtrack
  • *Sex & Candy
  • *Primitive - (Bird of Paradise)

  • Summer

  • *Hot Time (Marilyn) - Fan Dance


  • Someone That I Used to Know - Eve / Snake - Garden of Eden (Reverse Strip)
  • RED - Masquerade Themed